The 10 Greatest Tom Petty Music Videos

From "Don't Come Around Here No More" to "Free Fallin'" – the lead Heartbreaker's best, funniest, most far-out videos

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"You Got Lucky" (1982)

A video so cool it even impressed Michael Jackson, this Long After Dark standout was conceived by Petty and the Heartbreakers after falling under the sway of Mad Max. The lo-fi, post-apocalyptic clip stars the band as they park their Sleeper-style hover-car out in the middle of the desert, stumbling upon some ancient recording equipment and instruments. "You Got Lucky" was the perfect combination of clever and cheeky for an MTV era when artists were giddily throwing ideas against the wall to see what stuck. "That was when we really saw MTV change our daily lives," Petty would say a couple decades later. "Not only were teenagers spotting me on the street, older people would spot me, too. We knew it was big."

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