The 10 Greatest Tom Petty Music Videos

From "Don't Come Around Here No More" to "Free Fallin'" – the lead Heartbreaker's best, funniest, most far-out videos

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"Runnin' Down a Dream" (1989)

In 1905, comic-strip artist Winsor McCay unveiled Little Nemo in Slumberland, an adventure comic in which young Nemo (allegedly based on McCay's son) goes on nocturnal journeys. Eighty-four years later, Petty swiped the idea for this Full Moon Fever clip, as an animated Tom and his cigar-chompin' pal embark on a series of surreal quests involving killer clowns, gigantic rabbits and Native Americans. A live-action Petty provides the cheeky bookends to the video, dressed as the coolest dad-rock Saturday morning kids' host of all time. 

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