The 10 Greatest Tom Petty Music Videos

From "Don't Come Around Here No More" to "Free Fallin'" – the lead Heartbreaker's best, funniest, most far-out videos

"Letting You Go" (1981)

Like a lot of artists at the time, Petty didn't immediately take to music videos, feeling uncomfortable and inauthentic lip-synching in front of a camera. But he was one of the few to turn that discomfort into the point of a video. This Hard Promises cut is a video about making a video, as Petty and the Heartbreakers contend with the fact that the cameramen are moving closer and closer into their personal space, forcing them to rebel. "Letting You Go" is shockingly postmodern, constantly reminding you of the phoniness of the whole endeavor. "I felt like, 'Oh well, here we are,'" Petty recalled with a chuckle in 1983 while reminiscing about this video. "It was a little out of character for us. We did get a few laughs out of it. … We're really just musicians, we're not even personalities." That would come later.