Tom Petty's 50 Greatest Songs

His hits have defined rock radio since the Seventies, and he never stopped writing great music. Here's the definitive guide to his best songs

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43. "Yer So Bad"

The journey to making Full Moon Fever began by chance, when Petty and Jeff Lynne started talking while stopped next to each other at a red light on Thanksgiving 1987. Their first collaboration came soon after, with Lynne helping Petty figure out the structure of "Yer So Bad" – a song he had been struggling with. Recorded in Mike Campbell's tiny-bedroom recording studio and garage, "Yer So Bad" is Petty at his most caustically hilarious: "My sister got lucky, married a yuppie/Took him for all he was worth," he sings. "Black humor," Petty said proudly. 

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