Tom Petty's 50 Greatest Songs

His hits have defined rock radio since the Seventies, and he never stopped writing great music. Here's the definitive guide to his best songs

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40. "Last Night"

The reggae-tinged "Last Night" is one of two songs on Vol. 1 where the youngest Traveling Wilbury sings lead vocals. The buoyant tune, which tells the story of a guy who has a one-night stand with a woman who robs him at knifepoint, ended up reaching the Top Five on the rock charts. But it wasn't Petty's first foray into reggae. He'd been a fan of the music since the Seventies, and he "tried to put some kind of reggae thing" into the second Mudcrutch single, "Depot Street," from 1975. "I don't think we were really successful," he said later.

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