Time of Their Lives: Green Day's 22 Biggest Days

As the punk rockers prepare to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we look back at the memorable moments that helped get them there

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Young Punks

In the late Eighties and early Nineties, the all-ages punk-rock club located at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California, was the sociopolitical, not to mention musical, hub of the East Bay punk scene. It would also become a launching pad for bands like Operation Ivy and Green Day, who played their first gig there on November 26th, 1988, while still called Sweet Children. In addition to serving as a place where they could hone their sound and style, Gilman Street was also where the band would meet future drummer Tre Cool. But the venue's strict punk ethos would come back to bite them in the ass: "As soon as we signed with a major label," Armstrong told Rolling Stone in a 2005 cover story, "we weren't allowed to play there ever again."

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