Time of Their Lives: Green Day's 22 Biggest Days

As the punk rockers prepare to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we look back at the memorable moments that helped get them there

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Something Unpredictable

The late Nineties and early 2000s saw Green Day weather something of a commercial downturn. But the period also spawned one their biggest hits in the uncharacteristically gentle "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)." Released as a single on October 17th, 1997, the song went on to soundtrack weepy moments on Seinfeld and ER, not to mention a million high school proms. Its acoustic guitar strums and general mellowness led Dirnt to once call the song the most "punk rock" thing the band could have done, though "Good Riddance" also contains some more traditional punk moments, such as Armstrong's audible utterance of the word "fuck" as he flubs the guitar intro. Then there was the time Cool lit his drums on fire while Armstrong performed it on the Warped Tour . . .

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