Time of Their Lives: Green Day's 22 Biggest Days

As the punk rockers prepare to enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we look back at the memorable moments that helped get them there

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On Top of the World

Despite MTV not being able to go seemingly 10 minutes without replaying a Green Day video in the mid 1990s, it took the band until September 10th, 1998, to earn a "Moonman" at the channel's Video Music Awards. During a post-show interview with Kurt Loder, a celebratory – or perhaps bored – Cool wandered off and proceeded to scale the rotating Universal Studios globe, smiling and waving to fans as he went for a spin. Ever the consummate professional, he then climbed down, walked back over to Loder and his bandmates and dutifully wrapped up the interview. "I'll ride anything," Cool later explained. "I like the horses in front of the supermarket as well."

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