They're Still Together?! 9 Bands You Didn't Know Are Still Playing

Loverboy, the Fixx, Molly Hatchet and more acts that never broke up

The Damned
Mark Holloway/Redferns1/9

The Damned

One of the first punk bands from the U.K. to earn recognition in the U.S., the Damned have had more than their share of straight-up rock & roll crossover. First produced by Nick Lowe, the band opened for T. Rex's last tour and once tried to coax Pink Floyd recluse Syd Barrett into producing an album for them. Though they've gone on more than one hiatus and endured plenty of shake-ups over the years, the Damned continue to tour, led by stalwart frontman Dave Vanian and on-again, off-again guitarist Captain Sensible.

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