The Who's 50 Greatest Songs

From power-pop anthems to operatic epics to stadium-size rockers and beyond

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36. "Slip Kid" ('The Who by Numbers', 1975)

The intensely personal Who by Numbers opens with a message about the perils of fame. The deceptively bouncy "Slip Kid" informs would-be rock stars that "it's a hard, hard world." "It came across as a warning to young kids getting into music that it would hurt them," said Townshend. "It was almost parental in its assumed wisdom." After Pearl Jam's tragic set in 2000 at Denmark's Roskilde, which resulted in the death of nine fans, Eddie Vedder turned to the tune for comfort. "There's a line [in the song], 'There's no easy way to be free,'" he said in 2006. "I was thinking, 'I couldn't agree with you more.'"

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