The Who's 50 Greatest Songs

From power-pop anthems to operatic epics to stadium-size rockers and beyond

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29. "Pure and Easy" ('Odds and Sods', 1974)

A crucial song from the abandoned Lifehouse project, "Pure and Easy" was originally designed to set the stage for that concept album's story about an eternal note of music that unites civilization. Once Townshend decided to scrap Lifehouse in favor of Who's Next, the majestic "Pure and Easy" wound up on the cutting-room floor, surfacing later on his 1972 solo LP Who Came First and the Who's 1974 compilation Odds and Sods. "It was the kernel behind Who's Next," Townshend said. "But it never made it onto that record. In a sense, the heart [of Who's Next] was missing."

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