The Who's 50 Greatest Songs

From power-pop anthems to operatic epics to stadium-size rockers and beyond

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23. "Magic Bus" (Non-album single, 1968)

Written in 1965, this first surfaced as an obscure 1967 single cut by beatnik barbershop U.K. pop rockers the Pudding. The Who's version was a gem of groove-heavy psychedelia, riding a Bo Diddley beat with a signature clave rhythm played by the band's road man- ager/sound man Bob "Ben Pump" Pridden. It was released in various renditions. But the eight-minute take that appears on Live at Leeds, with Daltrey wailing on harmonica, may be the wildest. Fittingly, Martin Scorsese made it a high point of the soundtrack for Ray Liotta's coked-up driving scene in Goodfellas.

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