The Who's 50 Greatest Songs

From power-pop anthems to operatic epics to stadium-size rockers and beyond

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37. "Long Live Rock" ('Odds and Sods', 1974)

We were the first band to vomit in the bar," brags Daltrey in this self-aware anthem, a celebration of the band's history that includes allusions to clueless promoters and ticket scalpers. Recorded in 1972, the song was originally intended to be part of Rock Is Dead – Long Live Rock, an unfinished autobiographical 1972 album that morphed into Quadrophenia. "Long Live Rock" wouldn't get an official release until the 1974 collection Odds and Sods, with Townshend writing in the liner notes that "there are dozens of these self-conscious hymns to the last 15 years appearing now, and here's another one." 

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