The Who's 50 Greatest Songs

From power-pop anthems to operatic epics to stadium-size rockers and beyond

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34. "However Much I Booze" ('The Who by Numbers', 1975)

In case there was any doubt that substance abuse was slowly taking its toll on the Who by 1975, the band came out with a song called "However Much I Booze," on which Townshend declares there "ain't no way out" from his near-crippling alcohol addiction. "I forced the band into a corner with that material," he said. It's easy to see why Daltrey refused to handle the song's vocals ("I've never been drunk onstage in seven years," he said at the time), and it's just as easy to understand why they haven't played it live in 40 years. Yet "However Much I Booze" remains a revealing, moving cry for help.

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