'The Voice' Season Three Awards

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Most Graceful Song Suicide: Suzanna Choffel
Tyler Golden/NBC7/10

Most Graceful Song Suicide: Suzanna Choffel

There was something about Suzanna Choffel that was different than everyone else this year. A decade older than the college-age kids who dominate the competition, she sang quietly yet was much more powerful than even some of the top-notch pop belters. She sang like a woman who knew her own voice, and you could see that there was some discomfort there about fitting into a stylistic niche – she was more of a Stevie or an Emmylou on a show where you are goaded towards an Adele or a Florence model of torrential soulful bluster. So it came as little surprise when Choffel went into a battle round with a sweet, understated take on Bob Marley’s "Could You Be Loved," opting to stay true to her vibe in lieu of contorting to be something she wasn't.

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