'The Voice' Season Three Awards

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Best Showing By an Early Elimination: De'Borah
Trae Patton/NBC4/10

Best Showing By an Early Elimination: De'Borah

Perhaps De'Borah's butchness was confounding (plenty of homophobic tweets followed her performances), but the out and proud Chicago gospel girl was the first half of the season's most exciting contestant; her underdog status was as real as her tears. Even with middling Top 40 song choices, she devastated, throwing herself into the songs. While she dropped toward the bottom of Xtina’s ranks once America started voting, it was still surprising that Xtina opted to drop De'Borah for more cookie-cutter divas and Xtina wannabes. It's easy to imagine that if she'd managed to move forward she might have made it to the semi-finals with her chill-inducing voice.

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