'The Voice' Season Three Awards

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Best Judge Outfits: Christina Aguilera
Trae Patton/NBC10/10

Best Judge Outfits: Christina Aguilera

While Cee Lo really ratcheted up his ridiculousness with some Chico’s sale-rack-grade silken blousery, Xtina’s neon punky outfitting was not to be outshined. Her clothes were not merely ripped; her t-shirt looked like a wolverine had gone at it. Her end-of-season look was kind Cabaret meets A Clockwork Orange, kind of Nicki Minaj garage sale – all neon and corsetry. Her perpetually too-tiny hats (including the little record she wore like a beret) looked like they were part of a purse dog's Halloween costume. All of these things mashed up early in the elimination rounds when for a week she looked like a shipless Tyrolean pirate. She should have borrowed Cee Lo’s parrot and gone full bore.