The Top 25 Teen Idol Breakout Moments

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One Direction - 2012
Michael Kovac/WireImage25/25

One Direction - 2012


In 2010 the five future members of One Direction auditioned for the UK X-Factor. None of them made it on their own, but guest judge Nicole Scherzinger had the bright idea to put them together into a group. It was a good plan. England fell madly in love with the boys, and after a brilliant marketing campaign, the rest of the planet soon fell in line too. Over the past few months One Direction became the biggest boy band in America since N'Sync. When they were in New York to play on Saturday Night Live, girls camped out for days to get into the studio, and their hotel was mobbed Beatlemania style. They have no time free for a long summer tour in America, so they took the unprecedented step of selling tickets for a 2013 American summer tour. It's quite possible some girls that bought tickets to those shows will have moved on by then, but One Direction's managers know you have to cash in while you can. These groups tend to have short shelf lives.

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