The Top 25 Teen Idol Breakout Moments

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David Cassidy - 1971
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images9/25

David Cassidy - 1971

The success of Ricky Nelson and the Monkees proved that television was a great way to create new teen idols. The Partridge Family did the same thing for David Cassidy. From the second the Partridge Family began airing in 1971, David Cassidy was an icon to legions of teenage girls. Like many other teen stars, he had soft, feminine features, looked a bit younger than his actual age, and was extremely non-threatening. At the height of Cassidy-mania, he was headlining stadiums and scoring hits with songs like "I Think I Love You" and "I Woke Up In Love," but it inevitably ended after a few years and Cassidy found himself a has-been before he was 24.

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