The Ties That Bind: Bruce Springsteen's 25 Biggest Heroes

The artists, activists and friends that have shaped Springsteen's world

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David Lynch
Chris Weeks/WireImage16/25

David Lynch

Given his penchant for heavily surreal psycho-sexual atmospherics, Twin Peaks creator and Blue Velvet director David Lynch may not seem like an obvious touchstone for someone as seemingly down-to-earth as Springsteen. But look a little closer and the connections become clear. In a 2010 interview conducted by the actor Edward Norton, Springsteen described 1960s America as "Lynchian," and talked of the era's "superficial normalcy." Lynch's dissection of the secret desires of "regular" people is mirrored in Springsteen songs like "I'm on Fire." And in a case of like attracting like, Springsteen and Lynch are both giant Roy Orbison fans. 

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