The New Immortals

14 more artists who will stand the test of time, from Kanye West to Wilco

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"We want to make room for the listener," Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy told Rolling Stone in 2002. "My favorite hard rock bands – Led Zeppelin, the Stooges – they're all about space. There's a sense of the moment, a feeling that it actually happened. That's all I really aspire to." The Chicago band has undergone multiple lineups and musical evolutions in the last two decades, dabbling in barnburning country rock (1995's A.M. and 1996's Being There), layered pop experimentation (1999's Summerteeth and 2002's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), drug-fueled noise-rock (2004's A Ghost Is Born) and laid-back Grateful Dead-style jams (2007's Sky Blue Sky) – all sounds Wilco still draws from on its more recent albums and that the band nails at its unforgettable live shows. Wilco deserves a spot on this list for Foxtrot alone, a challenging masterpiece that got the band dropped from their label, Reprise. "I don't want to be too self-congratulatory, but we've been able to do something that isn't very easy to do, and none of us take for granted," Tweedy told RS in 2009. "So if that can continue, why would you want to stop doing that?"

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