The Fall: 10 Essential Songs

Hear highlights from late, great post-punk malcontent Mark E. Smith's sprawling four-decade discography

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"Eat Y'Self Fitter" (1983)

Sixties avant-garage groups like the Monks and Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band exerted a large and obvious influence on the Fall. But in 1983, the band released Perverted by Language, their first album with Smith's new wife Brix Smith as a member. It ushered in what became known among fans as the Brix Era, a stretch of relative commercial success and accessibility for the Fall throughout the Eighties. That said, one of the album's standout tracks, "Eat Y'Self Fitter," is far from a jingle. Meditating on modern alienation while riffs fall like meteorites around him, Smith "Became a recluse/And bought a computer/Set it up in the home." It's one of the Fall's most prescient songs, foretelling the way the Internet has connected us while isolating us. Then again, Smith did once tell NME that "I live in the future in a lot of ways."

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