The Fall: 10 Essential Songs

Hear highlights from late, great post-punk malcontent Mark E. Smith's sprawling four-decade discography

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"C.R.E.E.P." (1984)

For all of Smith's indictments of the mainstream music industry throughout his life, the Fall always crammed pop hooks into their songs. Those elements were finally shoved to the forefront with "C.R.E.E.P." A scathing character sketch worthy of Ray Davies set to a nursery rhyme–slash–cheerleading melody – and including the indelible lines "And he wants world peace/And for that we all must pay" – the song's earworm sensibility made it a good fit for the airwaves in England. "'C.R.E.E.P.' was a good song cos it got us played on the radio. It was all quite deliberate," said Smith to NME. "The thing about the new sound, especially 'C.R.E.E.P.,' was that it kept us alive. Do or die."

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