The Best Big Rooms in America

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Webster Hall in New York
Nicole Fara Silver9/20

9. Webster Hall in New York

Built in 1886 by a cigarmaker for balls and Hebrew weddings, this onetime "Jewel of the Village" evolved into a rock club that hosted everyone from Prince to U2 to Guns N' Roses, then a dance club specializing in hip DJs, then a hybrid of the two. (It was known as The Ritz until 1990.) After a $3 million renovation four years ago, the four-level club has five separate rooms – on any given night, you can dance to a DJ set downstairs or rock out with the headliners at the grand ballroom upstairs. "Warm and inviting and intense and awesome and sweaty and classy and punk rock," says Stump. "It has everything you'd want in a venue."

Capacity: 1,500


Fun Fact: Webster Hall also contains a state-of-the-art studio, where Vampire Weekend, Mumford and Sons, Spoon and many others have recorded.

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