The Best Big Rooms in America

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The Tabernacle in Atlanta
Courtesy The Tabernacle13/20

13. The Tabernacle in Atlanta

Even a tornado, five years ago, couldn't knock down this 103-year-old former church. From the outside, the four-story, red-brick building with tall white pillars still looks like a place of worship, or maybe a library, but it's been rocking since it opened as a House of Blues during the 1996 Olympics. Promoting giant Live Nation later took it over – which meant the water and roof damage from the tornado five years ago was quickly fixed – and today's club grabs names from Bob Dylan to Adele to Paramore. When producers light the Tabernacle's main room a certain way, it looks like an opulent psychedelic circus, with stained-glass windows, colorful patterned ceiling and a huge chandelier. "You don't feel safe – in a good way," says Phoenix' Thomas Mars. "The crowd surrounds the stage and you are being watched from every angle."

Capacity: 2,400


Fun Fact: Elton John made a concert film based on his 2004 performance here, with songs from his Peachtree Road album.

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