The Best Big Rooms in America

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Stubb's in Austin, Texas
CC Image courtesy of ricardodiaz11 on Flickr5/20

5. Stubb's in Austin, Texas

On a warm Saturday night in Austin, stroll down Red River Street, past the din of punk bands at Emo's, past the little Red Eyed Fly, until you come to the huge barbecue joint with a dusty stage out back. That's Stubb's, opened in Lubbock in the Thirties by a Texas cook named C.B. Stubblefield, then relocated to Austin 50 years later. Today, Stubb's regularly snags major headliners – from Metallica to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – at the SXSW festival and beyond. "My favorite shows there are when too many kids show up and they put you on the stage outside," says Stump. Don't worry, that rickety-looking staircase near the outdoor stage is rock-solid.

Capacity: 2,200


Fun Fact: In the Seventies, when Stubb's was still in Lubbock, performers included Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Linda Ronstadt.

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