The Best Arenas and Stadiums in America

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Wrigley Field, Chicago
CC Image courtesy of astroot on Flickr2/10

2. Wrigley Field, Chicago

The famous vine-covered baseball stadium in the heart of Chicago's North Side finally allowed rock shows in 2005, when longtime Cubs fan Jimmy Buffett took the stage in center field. Since then, acts like the Police, Elton John and Billy Joel, Dave Matthews Band, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney  and, this summer, Pearl Jam, have followed Buffett's lead. "It's where Ed [Vedder] used to go see the Cubs play when he was a young boy," says Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready. "We're all stoked about that."

Capacity: 41,000


Fun fact: Buffett, Vedder, Billy Corgan, Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are among the people who have sung "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch at home Cubs games.

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