The Best Arenas and Stadiums in America

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Staples Center, Los Angeles
CC Image courtesy of Christopher Chan on Flickr8/10

8. Staples Center, Los Angeles

"That's where the Grammys are," says country star Miranda Lambert. "How can you not love that about it?" The Staples Center is also where the Los Angeles Lakers play, of course, as well as pretty much ever major performer touring the U.S. – Prince, Paul McCartney, U2, Jay Z and Taylor Swift, to name a few. And 2009, it's where the world paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson.

Capacity: 13,500 - 20,000


Fun fact: The downtown building site was originally a muddy area filled with squatters. After the $375 million arena went up, so did hundreds of condos, 200 bars and restaurants and a population surge from 18,000 to 50,000 people.

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