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The Best Amphitheaters in America

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Greek Theatre, Berkeley, California
CC Image courtesy of lostintheredwoods on Flickr9/10

9. Greek Theatre, Berkeley, California

The gem of Berkeley went up almost 110 years ago and slowly evolved from Teddy Roosevelt speeches to shows by acts like the Pixies, Arcade Fire, Tom Petty and the Postal Service. Its classical columns and off-white coloring date from the late nineteenth century, when a University of California president judged the Olympic Games in Athens and came home inspired. Most fans notice the views more than the architecture, however: "Great to go to the top, looking out over the Bay and San Francisco skyline while the band plays below," says Fall Out Boy manager Bob McLynn.

Capacity: 8,400


Fun Fact: Berkeley originally built the Greek in part to become a sort of "Athens of the West."

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