500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone's definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

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U2, 'Beautiful Day'

345. U2, 'Beautiful Day'

Writers: U2
Producers: Daniel Lanois, Brian Eno
Released: Oct. '00, Island
25 weeks; No. 1

The song that re-established U2 as the world’s biggest band almost never saw the light of day: U2 felt the tune — a prayer for transcendence with lyrics inspired by Bono’s work with Jubilee 2000, a group advocating debt relief for poor nations — sounded too much like the band’s Eighties work. "If we’re just chucking it out because it reminds us of U2, that’s not very good," said the Edge.

Appears on: All That You Can’t Leave Behind (Island)


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