500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone's definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

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The Dells, 'Oh, What A Night'

263. The Dells, 'Oh, What A Night'

Writers: Marvin Junior, John Funches
Producer: Bobby Miller
Released: Aug. '69, Cadet
11 weeks; No. 10

Pioneering Chicago R&B quintet the Dells scored a regional hit with this song in 1956. But bass vocalist Chuck Barksdale wasn’t on the record, so 13 years later, he persuaded the group to remake "Night" — and included his own opening monologue, along with a more sumptuous groove, an eerie guitar stab and heart-stopping strings. "I think a little ego got involved there," he said.

Appears on: Ultimate Collection (Hip-O)

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