500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone's definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

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Elvis Presley, 'Suspicious Minds'

91. Elvis Presley, 'Suspicious Minds'

Writer: Mark James
Producers: Chips Moman, Felton Jarvis, Presley
Released: Sept. '69, RCA
15 weeks; No. 1

When Moman presented this song to Presley in 1969, the singer was, as the lyrics put it, "caught in a trap" — a cash cow being milked dry by his label and hangers-on. That might be why Presley was convinced he could turn the song into a deep-soul hit, even though it had flopped in 1968 for singer-songwriter Mark James. Recorded between four and seven in the morning, during the landmark Memphis session that helped return the King to his throne, "Suspicious Minds" — the final Number One single of his lifetime — is Presley's masterpiece: He sings so intensely through the fade-out that his band returns for another minute of the tear-stained chorus.

Appears on: Elvis 30 #1 Hits (RCA) 


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