500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Rolling Stone's definitive list of the 500 greatest songs of all time.

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Al Green, 'Tired of Being Alone'

299. Al Green, 'Tired of Being Alone'

Writer: Green
Producers: Willie Mitchell, Green
Released: July '71, Hi
19 weeks; No. 11

After a show in Detroit, Green woke up before dawn the next day at a motel in rural Michigan with a song forming in his mind. Half an hour later, he had "Tired of Being Alone." But Mitchell wasn’t much interested in Green's own material. "I was toting my song around in my pocket for days on end, saying, 'Hey, I got a song,'" Green said. "Finally, at the end of the session, I said, 'Well, I still got a song.'"

Appears on: Greatest Hits (Capitol)


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