U2's 50 Greatest Songs

A definitive guide to 35 years of music that changed the world

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46. "Sweetest Thing"

"Sweetest Thing" began as Bono's apology to his wife, Ali, for spending her birthday in the studio, but it became so much more. After releasing it as a B side to "Where the Streets Have No Name," the band gave it a face-lift with rejiggered vocals and new guitar textures for a 1998 best-of compilation. U2 also made a video for the song that featured Bono wooing Ali. After albums like Pop and Zooropa, it signaled a songful return to form, paving the way for All That You Can't Leave Behind. "It's pop as it should be – not produced out of existence, but pop produced with a real intimacy and purity," the Edge said.

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