U2's 50 Greatest Songs

A definitive guide to 35 years of music that changed the world

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24. "Stay (Faraway, So Close!)"

The spare, elegant sound of Zooropa's third and final single was a successful attempt at a tribute to Frank Sinatra. "I mean, no one is going to mistake us for Frank Sinatra's backing band," said Clayton. "A very humble little combo sound is what we ended up with, and that really worked." The song originated in the Achtung Baby sessions, and was revived when German filmmaker Wim Wenders needed a title track to his 1993 movie Faraway, So Close! "The film was about angels who want to be human and want to be on Earth," said Bono. "But to do so, they have to become mortal. That was a great image to play with – the impossibility of wanting something like this, and then the cost of having it."

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