U2's 50 Greatest Songs

A definitive guide to 35 years of music that changed the world

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23. "Mofo"

"We spent months farting around with it," said Clayton about "Mofo." "And then we said to Flood, 'Let's hip-hop it, let's strip it back, let's get a beat together, let's see where it goes.'" They ended up with the hardest-hitting electronica experiment on 1997's Pop, big-beat techno redolent of contemporary acts like the Crystal Method and the Future Sound of London. But while the music shot toward the future, Bono mined his past. "It was as if my whole life was in that song," he said. "It was extraordinary playing 'Mofo' live. The song would come to a shuddering halt, and there I was, just speaking to my mother in front of 50,000 of my closest friends."

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