U2's 50 Greatest Songs

A definitive guide to 35 years of music that changed the world

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43. "Lemon"

"'Lemon' started out as a disco tune until Brian Eno got through with it," said Zooropa engineer Flood about this propulsive dance track, a showcase for Bono's falsetto. Flood credited Eno for coming up with chilly Talking Heads–esque background vocals, "making it a very bizarre folk song." "Lemon" was originally written and recorded with a drum machine, though Flood ultimately decided to use Mullen's live drums instead. In contrast to the upbeat art-rock feel, lyrically it was inspired by the "strange experience to receive, in the post, from a very distant relative, early Super 8 footage of my mother," said Bono, "aged 24, younger than me, playing a game of rounders in slow motion."

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