The 50 Greatest Concerts of the Last 50 Years

From Led Zeppelin's U.S. debut to Jay Z and Kanye West's 'Watch the Throne' spectacle, and beyond

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Prince 'Purple Rain' Tour
Liu Heung Shing/AP31/50

Prince 'Purple Rain' Tour

On each night of the Purple Rain tour, Prince and the Revolution huddled backstage for a prayer. "It was a meaningful ritual," says bassist Mark Brown. "The crowds were so loud, and it was so crazy, that we needed each other because that was the only thing you had: each other for support." With Prince's movie Purple Rain catapulting the singer toward megastardom, the 98 shows he did in support of the soundtrack album were like Broadway productions. Prince began the show ascending from beneath the stage on a hydraulic lift, and went through five costume changes. "He had all these visual cues," recalls keyboardist Lisa Coleman. "He'd throw a hankie into the air, and when the hankie hit the ground, that's when we would stop." At the Los Angeles Forum, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna joined Prince for the encore, which included a nearly half-hour-long version of "Purple Rain." "He wanted to tower over everybody," says keyboardist Matt Fink. "He was the Muhammad Ali of rock." D.B.

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