The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums

From Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead to Massive Attack and the Flaming Lips

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Grateful Dead, 'Live/Dead'
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records7/40

7. Grateful Dead, 'Live/Dead'

It may be a collage of concert clips, but this masterpiece still reads as the ne plus ultra of second-set Dead jams, in a handy format that could turn any suburban bedroom into the Fillmore West. Opening with a 20-minute "Dark Star," the band’s hash-pipe pinnacle, it morphs into "St. Stephen" and then, with a beat-matching edit that would do the most discerning techno DJ proud, jumps into a scalding version of "The Eleven" that will have couch potatoes clutching their cushions while noodle dancers rock it al dente. And that’s just the first half. Smoking, as they say.

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