The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums

From Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead to Massive Attack and the Flaming Lips

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‪Dr. Dre, 'The Chronic‬'
Courtesy of Interscope Records28/40

28. ‪Dr. Dre, 'The Chronic‬'

Dr. Dre's solo smash was named after a particularly potent strain of weed, which was fitting: With its bottomless bass vortices, Snoop Dogg's just-hit-the-bong flow and a laid-back vibe signaling a new kind of gangsta cool, The Chronic felt like an endless toke on a hot summer afternoon. A generation of stoners found it all but impossible not to smoke up their cars when "Let Me Ride" and "Nuthin But a 'G' Thang" came on the radio.

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