The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums

From Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead to Massive Attack and the Flaming Lips

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Beck, 'Mellow Gold'
Courtesy of DGC Records10/40

10. Beck, 'Mellow Gold'

Named after an especially gnarly strain of California weed, Beck's breakout record is where Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique met in the bathroom between class and got hiiiiiiiiigh as the Himalayas. The mix of hazy, sampledelic beats, futon-soiling folk tunes and angelically blitzed lyrics like "So get out your lead-pipe pipe dreams/Get out your 10-foot flags/The insects are huge/And the poison's all been used/And the drugs won't kill your day job/Honey," made this a zooted masterpiece of Nineties alterna-hip-hop bowl-passing bullshit. Any album that celebrates a girl who can "talk to squirrels" makes this list easy.

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