The 30 Sexiest Music Videos of All Time

From the risque to the raunchy to the banned, we count down the hottest, kinkiest, most talked-about clips from Beyonce, Prince, Madonna and more

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17. Paula Abdul, "Cold Hearted"

Paula Abdul's videos often paid tribute to pop culture's past, but 1988's "Cold Hearted" took it to another level, saluting choreographer Bob Fosse's slinky choreography for 1979's All That Jazz with this temperature-elevating, David Fincher-directed clip. "I think more dancers injured themselves on this video shoot than any other," Abdul told Rolling Stone in 2014. "Just a lot of things, like sliding on our knees, working with raw elements of scaffolding; nothing was very comfortable. We were working with real wood, metal, concrete. Because it had to be gritty."

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