The 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time

From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk to Deadmau5, it's been a wild ride on the dance floor

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26. 4 Hero & DJ Marky, 'Kings of Drum + Bass' (BBE, 2010)

26. 4 Hero & DJ Marky, 'Kings of Drum + Bass' (BBE, 2010)

Dubstep was hardly the first London-rooted EDM style to rely upon heavy sub-bass and twitchy beats. Drum & bass, initially called jungle when it bubbled up in the early Nineties, split its instrumentation between fast (chopped-up breakbeats) and slow (dubby B-lines), a unique dynamic that was often jittery and calming both at once. Drum & bass produced a number of fine albums – Roni Size & Reprazent's double-disc New Forms, Spring Heel Jack's 68 Million Shades – but it was really a singles medium. This double DJ set – the first half mixed by Nineties stars 4 Hero, the second by Brazilian DJ Marky, who emerged in the '00s – offers a good overview of its rough, febrile early years (on tracks by Nasty Habits, Nookie, and Terminator II, a.k.a. Goldie) and the jazzier, curvier directions it's taken since.

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