The 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time

From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk to Deadmau5, it's been a wild ride on the dance floor

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18. Michael Mayer, 'Immer' (Kompakt, 2002)

18. Michael Mayer, 'Immer' (Kompakt, 2002)

As rave culture began to dip into a lull during the early 2000s, the gauzy, loving feel permeating the releases of Cologne, Germany's Kompakt Records was the logical next step for longtime partiers pushing into their thirties. On this 2002 mix album, Kompakt star Michael Mayer crafted a lush, haunting suite. Unlike many DJs, Mayer never lets his mixing overshadow the tracks themselves, so the music flows organically and goes where it may – even when it verges on goth during Superpitcher and Tobias Thomas's remix of Phantom/Ghost's "Perfect Lovers." Mayer understands that melodrama is just one of the many things a dance floor is good for.

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