The 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time

From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk to Deadmau5, it's been a wild ride on the dance floor

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10. Kraftwerk, 'Computer World' (Warner Bros., 1981)
Kling Klang/EMI/Warner Bros.10/30

10. Kraftwerk, 'Computer World' (Warner Bros., 1981)

Kraftwerk were light years ahead of their time with Seventies albums like Trans-Europe Express and Autobahn, vaguely tongue-in-cheek yet still troublingly convincing hymns to the inevitable marriage of man and machine lurking just around the next bend in the info super-highway. At the dawn of the Eighties, the future had finally caught up with the German synth act: "by pressing down a special key it plays a little melody," a dinky Teutonic voice boats on "Pocket Calculator," giving EDM its very own version of Chuck Berry's "Rock And Roll Music." With their shimmering, synthetic charm and chilly elegance, Computer World classics like "Numbers," "Computer World" and the achingly pretty title track make the techno-isolation feel warm and friendly. It'sFacebook funk.

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