The 15 Corniest Pro-Environment Songs

An Earth Day playlist of the silliest tunes about Mother Nature

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Julian Lennon, 'Saltwater'
Paul Natkin/WireImage3/15

3. Julian Lennon, 'Saltwater'

John Lennon's firstborn takes a soppy turn on this 1991 single, crooning about the destruction of nature and how it makes him cry like John Boehner watching a Hallmark ad. "Saltwater wells in my eyes," Lennon sighs through a catalogue of eco-grievances: the razing of the forests, the hole in the ozone layer. He weeps at the drop a hat – literally, because that hat might crush a flower – over lilting keys strongly reminiscent of the wintry Mellotron intro of Pops's "Strawberry Fields Forever." (Highbrow note: Lennon also seems to cop from the Italian opera Tosca, insisting, "I have lived for love/but now that's not enough.")



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