100 Best Debut Albums of All Time

From the Beatles to Nas and beyond

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'Up the Bracket'
Courtesy Rough Trade Records61/100

61. 'Up the Bracket'

The Libertines
Rough Trade, 2002

Before he became famous for all the wrong reasons, Pete Doherty led the Libertines to gutter-punk glory on the band's 2002 debut. Produced by Mick Jones of the ClashUp the Bracket (the title was British slang for a punch in the throat) was a blur of slurred harmonies, budget-guitar grime and songs that always seemed like they might disintegrate or careen off the tracks. It could have been a mess, but thanks to Doherty and Carl Barat's giant stash of swishy, Kinksian hooks, the album was as off-handedly tuneful as it was trashy – music that felt like a slightly dodgy, ultimately thrilling night on the town.

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