The 10 Coolest Summer Albums of All Time

From the Beatles to Prince, 10 classic albums to break out when the temperature rises

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Run-DMC, 'Raising Hell' (1986)

8. Run-DMC, 'Raising Hell' (1986)

Run, DMC and Jam Master Jay dominated 1986 to the point where you heard this constantly, no matter where you hung out. MTV got behind the Aerosmith goof "Walk This Way," but that was just the sixth-or-seventh best song on Raising Hell. Everybody else was flipping out over the street beats of "My Adidas" and the rock-the-bells turntable wobble of "Peter Piper." So hard, so funny, so inventive – plus the cheaper-than-cheap jokes of "It's Tricky" and "You Be Illin'." "You proceeded/To eat it/'Cause you was in the mood/But homes, you did not read – it was a can of dog food!"


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