The 10 Coolest Summer Albums of All Time

From the Beatles to Prince, 10 classic albums to break out when the temperature rises

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Al Green, 'Call Me' (1973)

5. Al Green, 'Call Me' (1973)

The ultimate summer-soul steambath, from way down in Memphis. Al Green, the true erotic guru of the Seventies, flexes his panty-peeler vocals all over "Call Me," "You Ought To Be With Me" and "Have You Been Making Out O.K." When he reaches up for that falsetto growl at the end of "Your Love Is Like The Morning Sun," it's like he's bringing down the sugar walls of Jericho. Producer Willie Mitchell and his wrecking crew of Memphis R&B pros work out the sultriest grooves below the Mason-Dixon line. Even the song about Jesus kicks ass.


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