All 129 of Taylor Swift's Songs, Ranked

From teen country tracks to synth-pop anthems and rare covers, a comprehensive assessment of her one-of-a-kind songbook through 'Reputation' era

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71. "End Game" (ft. Ed Sheeran & Future) (2017)

No trampoline involved in this one. Future shows up in a tribute to her long-running bond with ATLien hip-hop, which goes back to her B.o.B. and T.I. duets. Plus her trusty wingman Ed Sheeran. The most divisive and bizarre Reputation track, for sure, but it feels like a true Swift song, as she offers an update about her lipstick status (still red! good to know) and her relationship with drama. ("I swear I don't love the drama – it loves me!") Why is Ed always her best duet partner? Because you can hear he's really listening to her.

Best line: "I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put ‘em."

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